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Are your drums Aluminum? You could also MacGyver a solution with about $10-20 in rare-earth magnets...but you won't get the same powercurve.
That said, I can't think of a reason that they won't work as long as the width is correct(which was the reason I couldn't use them on my performance/nashbar/elite rollers)
There is a 30 day return policy.

Originally Posted by Pastashop View Post
I'm looking at this:

Under the "Specs" tab, they say:

"Drum diameter: 3 1/4" (8.26 cm) It does not matter if the other drums are slightly smaller or larger. If the other drums are significantly larger, it will not work."

Thinking I could replace one of the rear drums on my old 4" Kreilters, but not sure if it's too different. Has anyone tried this with their existing rollers?.. ...
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