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It's pretty easy to build a free-motion base and add bumpers which makes it orders of magnitude easier to stand/sprint/etc. I would imagine the inertia drum and the resistance unit [2 separate drums] on the sportcrafters helps a lot too.

Originally Posted by dekindy View Post
That would depend on how good you get at rollers. I cannot see myself ever having enough skill to stand up or do one legged drills on rollers or even clip in. Even seated sprints that get up to speed quickly might be beyond my ability. I just get balanced and work on smooth, steady state pedaling strokes and riding in a straight line.

But there are many folks that can do those things and I might be able to with enough practice. I do not really have a desire to but there is no doubt that if you were able to master these skills on rollers you would become a very efficient rider!

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