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I have a Concours with serial number CT 54-745, so just a bit newer than yours.

Has 3D dropouts but not the oversize ones. It has the ones with a pin hole on the inside face.

Has downtube shifter bosses.

I looked up the 2000 catalog. Shows the pin hole dropouts on page 2/52 and the Concours on page 17/52 with downtube shifters and described on page 46/52 as having down tube boss/cable stops.

So mine looks like it could be a 2000 model. I haven't looked at any catalogs earlier than that.

I did however look at the 2001 catalog. The Concours had the bigger 3D oversize dropouts and the shifter bosses on the head tube not the downtube. So mine is not a 2001 or later model.

Thanks Dave Kirk for posting the catalogs.

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