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I'm riding Hayden's backup ottrott from the 2005 Kodak Gallery Sierra Nevada team. Fit is perfect for me. Only the slight difference in wattage holds me back.

“I HAVE RACED MANY DIFFERENT BIKES WITH DIFFERENT TEAMS AND KEEP COMING BACK TO SEROTTA AS MY PERSONAL CHOICE. Finally I got the opportunity to ride on a team that Serotta sponsored. With every other team I have been on is there is at least one guy not happy with some equipment. Bikes are no exception, but with Serotta’s ability to customize the bike to your individual riding style I only ever heard praise. One of the greatest advantages I find time after time with my Ottrott is its handling and how it lets me get away with mistakes that might otherwise result in a nasty trip on the deck! This adds greatly to my riding confi dence and skills.”

Hayden Godfrey,Olympian, New Zealand National Team / Professional Cyclist
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