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Originally Posted by sparky33 View Post
Having ridden gravel in Iceland, I would say it would be much better to spend a week gravel touring there and taking in the incredible sites than it would be to spent a very long day racing with your head down. Or maybe do both! The range of terrain is huge, and the condition of the gravel roads varies with the weather. It is rugged, amazing and totally worth the trip.
Originally Posted by cabbagelookin View Post
Incredible day on the bike last year. I agree there’s a huge amount to see (the Westfjords by bike would be incredible, I think - we drove through them) but The Rift is a really good event. The combination of support, scenery and camaraderie was really special. I’ll def do it again at some point.
I'm sure it is incredible all around. Iceland is definitely on our list. My wife travels (at least she did) to London 3 - 4 times/yr for work. We keep saying we should add Iceland on to one of her trips. Hope to get there sooner rather than later.
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