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Originally Posted by Texstever View Post
I recently purchased a Serotta Colorado from the "son of the original owner" which I thought questionable. Anyway, the serial number looks to be TG5600052. the stamping of the "TG" is very faint so I'm not 100% certain. Bike frame is made with the Prestige TL tubing and is a dark metallic green. Anyone have an idea of the year for this frame? Certain its a 90's model just not certain of exact year. The frame is in very good shape and I've been working to build it up for riding the local roads.
According to your serial number, you’ve got a Colorado TG model, which was TIG welded construction rather than lugged and brazed, and yours was the 52nd one built which would have been in 1992.

The ‘92 Serotta catalog is here:
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