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Old Moots = new bike (now with build pics)

Originally Posted by xnetter View Post
Very nice!

Interesting reports of the difference in ride quality of this one vs. other Ti frames you've had. Have they all been the same, ie. similar geo and straight gauge or butted? Ti has that reputation of being very compliant.


Two previous Ti bikes were a 59 cm Colnago Oval Ti, that was too big but I had to ride it a couple times. The second was a Serotta Classic Ti, this was a custom frame with measurements very close to what I ride, and was just a beautiful bike. The one similarity, other than both being titanium, was the wheels - Mavic Ksyriums, probably with 23c tires. These could have added to the ride quality perhaps.

The Moots has the Mavic Cosmic Carbone wheel set with 25c Vittoria Corsa G's. I love these tires, the ride is very very nice, they could be enhancing the ride a bit too.

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