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curious why you're glued to that particular model; you seem to be in between sizes. Usually it's not a big deal and you err on one side or the other, but your body type (short legs for your height) and experience level (probably not ready for the slammed stem yet) make for a less than ideal compromise. How old are you? younger bodies are more flexible. anyway, I have similar body type: 5'9", 30" inseam. I would go with the 51 because I've been riding almost 40 years and the 53 has too tall of a head tube and too long of a top tube, so unable to get bars low enough plus too much reach for me. If you are new-ish you will probably prefer the taller head tube of the 53, but it does have a fairly long top tube at almost 55. The head tube on the 51 is a little short for less experienced, less aggressively set up riders, but the top tube is better suited for your size. My first advice would be "keep looking" as in maybe find another brand/model that suits you better. If you want the orbea, you'll have to decide between using a more upright stem on the 51 and a racier position; or use a shorter than ideal stem on the 53 (that will only be allowed to drop a little bit should you begin to adapt to a more aggressive racier position and it's still a long bike--really closer to a 55) Is this the disc model? Those hoods also tend to be bit longer (more reach) than back in the day. for what it's worth, the endurance geometries work better for people with long legs and short torso (or average types)--not short legged. Without seeing you or knowing your age/fitness/desired riding type, this is all conjecture, but I would just say don't be afraid of traditional road/racing geometry; it developed over decades as an all around fit for road riders, even those doing long distance and not racing.

ps this opinion is worth every penny you paid for it; my best advice is to find a good shop who will fit you properly and buy whatever brand they sell. a bike that doesn't fit isn't a bargain at any price, no matter how well spec'd or reviewed. fit the bike to you, not you to the bike
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