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The bike store I’m dealing with unfortunately doesn’t have a size 51 frame Orbea Avant M40. So I wasn’t able to test ride a 51 frame size. They only have the size 53 left. I’ve been searching around my area as well as out of state for bike shops that might have an Orbea Avant M40 with rim brakes but no luck. A lot of bike shops have no inventory left or very little and I had no luck finding a 51 Orbea Avant M40. The bike shop that I am dealing with ordered a different stem and the mechanic said it will bring the hoods closer which will alleviate the reach issue. Do you think with the different stem being installed will this alleviate the hood issue. I told him Orbeas website recommends a 51 for my measurements. He said his shop has been selling Orbeas for several years and the size 51 will be too small and the ride would be uncomfortable. Thanks again for all your input.
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