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Originally Posted by boomforeal View Post
what made you decide on the pro vs. regular (300?) GR?
Slap PRO in the name and I’m all about it. Haha

I was really looking at the GR Race originally. It has a bit “racier” geometry so they say, whereas the 300/PRO has the same geometry that is a bit more relaxed I guess. I just couldn’t justify buying a frame that is 1x specific. I usually keep bikes for a while, and I didn’t want to limit myself in the future. I like 1x, but will I still like it in 2-3 years?

Why I went with the PRO, price was only a few hundred more, I was hoping it might be a tad bit lighter as well. I liked the look the frame as it is a bit unique and is something different.

I looked at a lot different frames. But for me a big + for Lynskey is the made in the USA factor and the fact they have been around for a while. If there is a problem with the frame in 5 years I have a good feeling that Lynskey will still be there to take care of it.
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