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Hi there,

thanks for the really helpful info. As I suspected the X may have referred to size (i.e. extra long) - the top tube is indeed an annoyingly long 58.5cm

The full serial no. is: 3329

It doesn't seem to be a respray, but I could be wrong.

There is no reference to '20' or an anniversary edition. The fork crown has the Serotta S and Colorado written in scriptive

Correct on the lugs and s-bend stays

All seems to suggest a 1992, but not 20th Anniversary

Happy to provide more photos, including of decals if useful (decals include Colorado Serotta Design CC label top of seat tube; est. 1972 on down tube at BB; Made in USA for World Champions with S logo in U.S. flag colours, and WC bands on seat tube at BB)

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