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Looking at the 1992 catalog, the Colorado II and TG were available in "XL Road Geometry". Your frame should have a 58.5 cm top tube. All other dimensions were the same as the standard 57 cm CII, and the L model.

SC57 = 56 cm TT
SC57L = 57 cm TT
SC57X = 58.5 TT

If original, I'd guess your CII is a 1992 from the pearl white paint - but since you don't have the TT model decal it may be a repaint. Pearl white was the color used for the 20th anniversary models. Does yours have a "20" on the fork crown? Other cues for a 1992 frame are a full lug at the TT/HT joint, lugged (vs. fillet) BB shell, and S bend stays. My guess is your frame is a 1992 CII, but not one of the anniversary models, unless it has the "20" on the fork crown.

It would be nice to have the rest of the serial number to help date other 1992 CIIs. Thanks.
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