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I looked at the Canyon and contacted them. The problem is "no one" has gotten one yet and the delivery dates keep slipping. WW has a pretty extensive thread on the issue.

I hear what you are saying about open mold, however, this isn't an open mold bike. It's a foundry bike. In other words, someone like Giant builds it for them to QR,'s design. Open mold is something a foundry produces without outside design input. Only a handful of companies, Colnago, Allied, selected Trek, Spec, Calfee etc actually build their own frames. The vast majority of bikes, regardless of material, are foundry. It's been that way for decades.

As far as the QR brand being Tri related it doesn't bother me as they have been an innovator in the space for three decades. Dan Empfield lead the way on cycling aerodynamics and helped shape TT and Tri bikes of today.

When I consider a bike it's about fit, value and features. I've poured over geometry, Crevelos, Specialized, Trek, Storck, Scott, Felt, and others. Of these bikes I like the Madone. For ultra races the Isospeed is really nice.

QR appears to have the best geometry for me, they have DA12 groups, and they have a 30 day try it policy. The only thing they can't get now are the DA wheels. Not that I'm in a hurry due to my sudden stop, I have a lot of healing to do first.

I'm really interested in hearing from ppl who've ridden it.
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