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Thanks for the question. First let me say that "riding nice" is a subjective term and will be different for everyone. I think what you have found is that at your size and weight, with your priorities, the ride is really nice for you. The bike will just as easily not ride nice for others.

I think the more important question is - what does Specialized do or know that give them the confidence to sell such a light bike to the general market?

I have sent your question to our head engineer to see what he has to say. Once I hear back I'll put his thoughts together with my own and will add them to this thread.

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Hi Carl,
These are such amazing bikes! They look oh so good! And I am sure they ride even better.

Also, can you shed some light on how Specialized can make carbon frames, like the Aethos, so light yet ride nice as well? Is there a possibility that you guys can make a disc road frame for a 145 lb guy like me in 550 g range? If yes, I would be willing to fork over the cash. But if not, could you speculate what "technology" has Spesh discovered that others in the industry haven't yet? Or maybe others in the industry have the tech to make these light 550 g frames but they focus more on the ride dynamics/quality? But I did a whole day test ride on the Aethos -- it has a nice ride quality to it.

Thanks for your time!

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