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EAI does not sell direct to consumer as noted above (last I checked). However some online retailers or your LBS may deal with them. I got an obscure Campy part from them through Bens Cycle a while back (emailed Bens Cycle to start the process). But a set of TA rings, or Miche rings (if you can find the right ones, they make triple Campy sets but don’t seem marketed much in the Western Hemisphere) should work. I saw a bunch on a while back (and some Stronglight I think) - I’ve heard ordering from there is pretty good but never done myself. Assume they ship to Canada also.

I was going to customize a Chorus triple I picked up off the auction site last year but saw the same thing ($$$ - way more than the crank with rings in good shape!!).

I know this is a 39t but lots have ordered from CRC:

Another option but no idea on ordering:

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