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Originally Posted by raygunner View Post
My understanding is that the long chain stays were the brainchild of one of their former employees.

Instead of going low trail and disc they went long chain stay in addition to
cannibalizing their line-up.

And I can't believe they don't have the Hunqipillar anymore!

Anyways, a discussion thread on this topic on the RBW Owners Group got nuked as it turned into "squabbling". The kooliad hasn't worn off!
I just picked up a used Hunqapillar and it's a very nice riding bike.

At this time, I don't think there is another bike out there like the Hunqapillar (except other Rivendells). Some of the newer companies are putting out bikes in the same genre but all I've found either require disk brakes or are designed for drop bars (vs MTB bars) or both.

Grant's post was very discouraging and I hope they are able to figure it out and survive.