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Others answered Climb's question, but I'd say there's still a definite difference between the Sworks and the next level down. Underneath you can see that the shells are designed differently due to the different rails, but it looks like they took the opportunity on the Sworks to change the feel a bit, as well as alter the shape slightly. One thing I've also found is that the Pro tends to keep one shape when it's clamped into the rails, whereas the Sworks is a bit dependent on the particular seat post clamp: With a Thomson it took one shape but with a Moots it took a very different one. I put a 60 lb bag of birdshot on each saddle, mounted on the frame, just to see how the saddles flexed and they were also quite different, flexing more evenly throughout the length in the Sworks.

I think the Arc is something like having an Aliante to an Arione -- made to have more of a curve to it. The rise in the back is pretty minimal but it gives you more of a sense of your position while the regular Power gives you a straight rail you can either fall off of (which I did the first couple times I rode it) or push back into the flare on. That's not to say there's more range of movement, just that the Arc positions you a bit more rigidly. I didn't like it compared to the Power, perhaps because I still wanted an inch or two of movement or perhaps because it put me in the wrong position relative to the flare.
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