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Originally Posted by Tyler Evans View Post
Anecdotally, I was riding my eBike to work this morning and while stopped at a light an older (elderly) gentleman pulled up next to me on his eBike. We had enough time to chat. We both have the same commute, 10 miles each way by bike which takes us each about 30 minutes by eBike and from experience and about 40 minutes by car. He said that before eBikes he just couldn't physically ride every day, now he is a daily rain-or-shine eCommuter. I think that is super rad on many levels.
This is interesting. eBikes seem like a no-brainer from a business perspective. People with disposable income and perhaps less interest in vigorous exercise. Makes perfect sense.

However, I'm willing to bet your experience chatting with another ebiker is an outlier. Anytime you have the capacity to go faster, most people often do. This usually precludes any type of conversation. I know from personal experience that the ebikers who blow by me have very little desire to chit-chat. Similarly, I don't see "ebike" fondos any time in the future. There's just very little about them that seems to foster any greater sense of "community."
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