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Originally Posted by MattTuck View Post
I've given up on 'professional fitters'. have had 3 fits. They're all over the map. It is not an objective pursuit, it is informed by a fitter's own beliefs, history and knowledge (or lack there of) of how to deal with certain things.
Given the quality control problems with the human body (no two are the same), the best a fitter can do given say two hours and a bike on a trainer is to apply a bunch of formulas and come out with a position. That's why I say bike fitting sucks. Given what I'm given, I'm never going to be able to fit anyone well, if I'm lucky I'll get them in the ball park. The thing is, I want to do better, and I'm more than happy to spend the time to make the process better - it involves riding my bike, I do that anyway. But for every fitter who wants to ride with their clients to get a better understanding of what's working and what's not, I can show you 100 websites that say "we can fit you perfectly in two hours and $350"

What Matt needs isn't a fitter, he needs a fitting consultant. The start to finish fitting doesn't really work - that's a general statement. Matt is always trying different things, looking for performance or just a better understanding, which has pointed out that the start to finish fitting doesn't work. The saving grace for most fit studios is that most people will never figure this out. Back to Matt's case, I'm sure he's tried something that has put him outside of his own range of motion, and found it didn't work. A fitting consultant would have eliminated the experiments that couldn't have worked, and in general, pointed him in the right direction.
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