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SC 52 3386 What year?

Just picked up what looks like mid 90's Serotta Concept bike.
It's a bit of a Franken Bike in my mind as it's got a 7400 Dura Ace BB ISO taper- 112mm spindle with Campy Chorus cranks and what looks like an Athena rear with Campy hubs.

The cranks have the shield logo which are pre-1995 and take a 111mm spindle.
Saw in a catalog from '96 that Serotta offered Pearl

Serial is SC 42 3386 , Metallic pearl with red logos.

The frame is in amazing shape but the chain line is off as the right crank arm is way too far outboard... and the campy ergo shifter need to be adjusted.

Wondering if I need to go to a shorter spindle.

Sorry for the ramble, but what year do you think the frame is?
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