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Originally Posted by 54ny77 View Post
gorgeous. i like how you customized the jagwire links!

question: have your tried fibulas? i have on a few occasions, on a bike with carbon rims (a friends' bike), and i wouldn't put them on my bike even if they were free. just a horrible mushy feel and difficult to judge modulation, but the latter is likely because of my limited ride experiences. am sure i'd get used to them eventually. maybe. but prob not because i'd have (unfounded) back of mind concern the things would fall apart!

only my opinion though. they're the cat's meow ww brake.

that bike just plain rocks as is. wouldn't change a thing!
Thank you!

I have tried them but not in my own bike, so limited experience, but I remember they felt fine. I think the setup is a bit tedious and will probably affect modulation and feel. I bought them for this build. If they don't work out well,
I will just keep the ee's and sell the fibulas.
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