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Originally Posted by muz View Post
That SC looks to be early 1980's, in the transition era, with the new style decals and fork crown, but the older 3-hole lugs.
It is. My guess is around 1982. This era isn't the most sought after of the SCs, but I had an '83 as my first real steel roadbike and was absolutely in love with it. The "Flying C" logos combined with the earlier build details is a real sweet spot for me on the Cinellis.

Originally Posted by DCilliams View Post
Tex - I’m sure there’s some negotiating room in there. The market is flat, so you have some leverage. Beautiful bike imho.
The market is a bit flat and honestly, I'm not sure that prices will be going up again in the near future outside of basic inflationary increases. The demand for classic, steel road machines has been in decline the last few years. I think we've reached and passed peak classic steel.

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