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WTB - 56 cm Cinelli SC (vintage - pre '84)

Hey there fellow Paceliners,

I have a couple of older Cinelli SCs (early 70s) that are unfortunately, just a bit too big for me. They're ridable, but not an optimal fit. So my plan is to buy one that fits better and find new homes for the two that I now have

Do any of you have a 55 or 56 Cinelli SC that you're interested in parting with? A frame and fork set would be the best case scenario. I would prefer a later frame from the "Flying C" Cinelli logo era that still uses a 26.2 post and has the "drilled" lugs (essentially '78-'83). However, open to other, earlier SCs that fit the size requirement. Not looking specifically for a show piece, but would like a nice one.


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