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I was asked the other day about my Triple F Dropouts. The guy said something like “What’s the deal with those drops?” and I wasn’t sure what he was asking. In the end the real question centered around the design and how they are built into a frame.

My main focus when designing the Triple F (stands for Form Follows Function) was to simply make the smallest, stiffest, strongest and most easy to work with dropout that exists. Should be easy.

The design centers around the machined balls that will sit into the stays at any angle without having to slot the stay. The process of building with them is simple. First I make rings of filler material that get pressed into the ends of the beveled stay. It then gets fluxed and brazed and finally they get cleaned and shaped and polished shiny. I like shiny.

You can see just how simple it is in concept. It ends up being lighter and stiffer and stronger than anything else out there. Can you tell that I’m proud of them?

The Kirk Triple F’s go into most every bike I build and it’s been that way for many years now.

Thanks for reading.


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