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Originally Posted by joosttx View Post
The simple fact was he quoted me a stainless steel fork (see invoice). Regardless of the crown it was not stainless steel. Bondo’ing is shady. Would you pay more for a Miele bondo fork? Also, I asked for a 1 1/8 diameter head tube. Bilenky calls me up at the very end after paint etc, etc, and said he goofed and made a fork with a 1 inch. So we agreed to put a CK devolution headset on it. This is just the fork. I could go on with the more than year delay, ghosting, and then constantly asking for more money. Or the components that were dated and looked used when I paid for new ones..... Super shady.

With all that it is a good bike and rode very well.
Not trying to say you weren't swindled at all. The whole thing is super unfortunate and I'm sorry you had to go through that. I'm all about transparency with my clients (there's enough marketing and hype already in the cycling world); when/if I ever use those crowns, the customer will know what they are and have the option of leaving the logo or having it filled (most likely with silver).

I put my name on my frames (as I assume most do) because at the end of the day, it's me who has to stand behind what gets delivered and I'd never risk tarnishing that name over something like this. Even if it was an honest mistake, as soon as I'd realized the mistake, I'd have stopped what I was doing and made it right.

Again, my sympathies go out to you for the experience you've had. I'm glad it rides well; I'm sorry it's not what you paid for.
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