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Originally Posted by giordana93 View Post

A few things to consider:
you are probably on a smaller than average frame. I have not taken many breaks since the 80s so I am still sporting a Lemond-inspired fit on a 52 seat tube 53.5 top tube absolutely classic geometry. but many small bikes in the 52 range have a steep seat tube, like 74-75, which might work for some but limits setback to take weight off hands when it pushes 75. fwiw, my setback range is around 4-6 cm on a normal, non stubby saddle, with 2+ inches of drop. Endurance geometry is the opposite of what I/we need as those frames work best for people with long legs, short bodies--very similar to "women-inspired" designs. are your arms proportional to legs or body? (do you wear a short jacket, for example?) Reach and drop increase with arm length
Thanks! so I don't wear short sleeves as far as I can tell.. my wingspan is roughly the same as my height (within .5 of an inch I'd say)..
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