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Originally Posted by jeffkoller91 View Post
I definitely agree and see this mindset as well. I took a very similar approach with my last bike which was an older Lemond Zurich and I spent the first couple seasons with it dialing in the fit via trial and error. I eventually felt pretty good about the fit but I never felt like I had it quite right so was curious to try out a fitting process.

I now have a more modern Ritchey Road Logic and what comes with the modern frame is also the modern prices of parts...I definitely need a shorter stem to get the fit closer to what I had on the Lemond but I worry about getting a new stem and not having quite the right length. I figured if I wanted to play around with different stems or seat posts I may be burning a hole in my wallet, although I could always try something out and see if I can resell it here if it doesn't work.

In the end, I would probably be spending a comparable amount of money taking either approach (likely a less with trial and error especially if I resell things). I definitely need to give it some thought, but I appreciate your insight on things.
Most good LBS have a large variety of used/new take offs stems and posts in different lengths and angles that they my be willing to lend out.
I have done that with my LBS to find the best stem egomanics for my riding style.

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