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This year was the opposite.

Superb weather.
Yeah it was windy but riding into the headwind only for the first half, the second half was tailwind all the way home, yeehaw!

Rode in the front group with Lance and the gang for a while and then noticed how everyone was tensed up, fighting for position, pissing at each other and not even looking outside at the beautiful scenery that passes us by, decided that was dumb and peeled off to do my own thing.

In the end...

102 miles
6:52 hr
5000+ feet
47-72 degrees
Wind 30+
Merlin Agilis Ti Schwalbe Pro One 25mm super awesome combo
Enjoying the views and fine weather, got off the bike feeling fresh as daisy
Going fast and going hard is waaaaay over-rated
Unbelievable day on the bike

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