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Originally Posted by diego83 View Post
I'm thinking about my fitting on a gravel bike.
I'm looking for a Diverge carbon,i took some measurment on local shop on a 54 frame.
I'm 173 tall with 72.5 saddle height.
I have about max 4.5 cm saddle-bar drop,in my road bike about 9 cm.
Do you think it's correct or i've to change bike model?
I will also change lenght stem,from 100 to 90.
I'll use the bike also as winter road bike.
I'm 183cm tall with a 75cm saddle height and I have an aluminum 2018 Diverge with a 58 frame. Diverges have a very tall stack, so a 4.5cm difference in saddle-bar drop compared to a typical road geometry is not unexpected (if I'm reading your post correctly).

For winter riding, I just put Suomi/Nokian A10 studded tires (700x32) on but I haven't had a chance to try them yet. Looking forward to it, though.
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