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Good point about having to deal with the particular system.

While I was using a Shimano system as an example of what I was saying, I find that Campagnolo gruppos/wheels tend to cause spoke contact more easily.
I think that Campagnolo has addressed this somewhat with their more recent wheels and grouppos, but with the 8 and 9s systems I find the correct limit screw adjustment to be a sensitive issue, even settling for occasional spoke contact, which has yet to cause a catastrophic problem on any of the Campag-equipped bikes I've owned.
For this reason, a lot of the Campag-equipped bikes from the 90's got set up with a limit screw so tight that under hard pedaling the shifter could get nudged to the next-smaller cog under hard pedaling, just the sort of setup that would accelerate wear/fatigue of the shifter detenting springs.
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