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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
There is some info on the weight weenies forum. One poster measured the c-c spacing on the campy sprockets and came up with the same 3.48 mm that I did. He also has a sram axs cassette and posted that the overall length on the two cassettes was closer than camp/shimano 11 speed. If that's the case, then the two should be compatible. That poster never did get back to the thread with a spacing for the sram sprockets. I measure the thickness of a sprocket and the use feeler gauges to get the space between the sprockets. Add the two to get the spacing.

Another positive is that most campy/fulcrum wheels can be fitted with the xdr driver needed to use a sram axs cassette. It's a fulcrum part number.
Yup although unless ya want the sram ratio, Chorus 12s cogset is cheaper.
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