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Reach Too Long; How to make more comfortable?

I've just bought a bike off a member on the forum here, a 1994 Bridgestone RB-T. I'm going to be using it for commuting and ~50-100km rides and light touring occasionally (one night camping). I'm finding the reach is a little too long for me; my elbows are locked out when in the drops.
  1. Current stem: 100mm long
  2. Current handlebars: ~120mm reach

Build advice please?

Some ideas:
  • Moustache bars
  • Dirt drop bars
  • Shallow drop bars
  • Shorter / higher stem?
  • Differen't brake levers?

Current state after a weekend of overhauling:


Moustache bars:

75mm reach shallow drops bars:

Dirt drops:
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