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ELEVEN velo: The new Super Domestique Jersey: Winter Update!

Hey All!

Shameless, all this self promotion I know but we'd like to introduce the all new Super Domestique jersey to you if you have not seen it.

As with all our kit, it's made from 100% Superfine Merino, milled locally, but perhaps the best bit about the Super Domestique is that it's our most customizable jersey ever - you can make it as subtle and clean or as over the top as you like. There are some pretty nice little finishing details on it and we are sure the chances of two being made the same are pretty small. We are about to start offering the Super Domestique in women's sizing as well.

UPDATE: This may seem like a 'trick' but it's not! We just realised that we have a full roll of 270gsm Superfine in black and it's the perfect fabric for a winter jersey. So, while it lasts, we are offering a special winter edition.

You can have a good play around with what you can do with it here and we can do them as team runs with graphics and all that, if you'd like your team to look and feel good in Merino.

And for all you lucky folks in the US and EU, our $ has sunk back to where it belongs, so the price is pretty damn hot by default




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