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Thanks for reviving the thread all : ) I moved forward with this a while ago, and its been a pretty great fit all around (Though of course I didn't end up going with the last geo i posted here). It was slightly twitchy at the front, but have swapped out stems as I've dialed in the fit and that seems to have fixed that problem. Currently pondering wether to move to a slight setback seatpost as in retrospect, a slightly slacker STA may have been called for. For the most part things seem to be working out well as is and a setback post will fix that issue if it rears its head.

The numbers came from a Guru Fit, which i slightly tweaked afterwards to account for a larger drop. I am 5'8", with a short torso and long legs, and prefer a compact cockpit (my seat has definitely been bumped up and back a bit from where it was showing previously).

All in all, I'm pleased with the results. It didn't cost much, had been something I wanted to do for a few years and finally had had the time, and resulted in a bike I love to ride that fits pretty well! Thanks for the comments on the fit, however I don't necessarily think that one is always better off having X do Y. Overall it was an incredibly informative process for me to go through and I learned a lot more about bikes, material science, and physics than I ever thought I would, and a renewed appreciation for builders and manufacturers.

Close to production geo on bikegeogalc

And production here:

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