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ALL SOLD: Campy 11 SR Shifters and RD, Chorus Calipers and FD, 12-27 Cassette

Kind of a hodgepodge group (in stellar condition). I'd prefer to sell complete, but if no one wants it all together after a few days I will move to parting it out.

- Super Record Shifters in like new condition $250
- Super Record RD with minimal signs of use $150
- Chorus 11 skeleton brake calipers - excellent $85
- Chorus 11 braze-on FD with KCNC clamp adapter with shims for 28.6mm $45
- 12-27 Chorus(?) Cassette - unknown, but low mileage. Not 100% on which level it is, but I believe it's Chorus, all cogs are steel with the largest five cogs on two carriers $45

Album with details HERE

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