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Looking for assistance with/for custom geometry

ve recently got a fairly good GURU fit and i need some assistance translating the numbers into a solid geometry. I've tried all the various tools for sizing but I keep running up against the apparent need for 50mm! of spacers in order to preserve drop and reach...unacceptable!

I'm looking mainly for advice on who i could reach out to in order to have a custom geometry drawn up (the manufacturing is going to be Chinese). However if anyone wants to lend a hand, my numbers and specs are below. Thanks!

Edit: Current rough diagram: Here

My specs:
  • 5'8", 136lb

Design specs:
  • Short headtube (110mm max)
  • 0 degree toptube (sloped if stack makes standover height impossible)

  • 711mm saddle height over BB (47mm saddle height as component)
  • 47mm saddle setback from BB
  • 65-85mm drop (70 preferred but other options acceptable to slam that stem, or have 10mm max spacer)
  • 490 +/- 5mm reach

GURU Dimensions (L+R from BB, saddle is measured to rail center)
  • Saddle X: 197mm
  • Saddle Y: 633mm
  • Handlebars X: 439mm
  • Handlebars Y: 604mm

Component specs:

  • King inset 1 headset: 22.2 total stack (8 top, 14.2 bottom)
  • enve 2.0 road fork: 367 Axle to Crown
  • Thompson -17 stem (length variable) 36mm stack
  • Zipp Super Short Reach Bars: 70mm reach
  • Saddle, if necc, Fabric Scoop Race Flat: 282 length, 141 center-tip

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