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I'd still be on board, too . . .

. . . depending on the day. How does Saturday, October 5, sound? Foliage should be good by then.

My standard procedure has become to get to the Mohonk West Trapps lot early--meaning 8am or so. It's centrally located on the top of the escarpment between Mohonk and Minnewaska. Permit for Mohonk preserve is $20 per person and $10 per car for Minnewaska. But they do occasionally have trail marshals out at Mohonk. Plus I think it's a worhwhile non-profit cause, so I pay the $20 at West Trapps for Mohonk, then ride the bike into Minnewaska.

That west Trapps lot doesn't officially open until 9am and there is a gate. But last time I was there with AngryScientist and others, the attendant told me they never close or lock that gate, so you can get there early. That's important because it's also the main parking lot for the West Trapps climbing area, and on a nice weekend the cliffs will be overrun with climbers--and cars at that lot.

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