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Originally Posted by pdmtong View Post
When I came back to road cycling I took him a calfee luna 54 (eTT 54.8) I bought used. He swapped the stem for a 100x +17d stem to jack me up and pull me in - maybe 3cm bar drop.

I am currently riding frames with eTT 56.0 - 56.5 and 110 x -10d stem with 8cm bar drop.

To this day I wonder why he kept me on such a short and tall set up as there is no change in my physiology or flexibility. Looking back, that was money wasted with him.
That seems to be the nature of the process. Most of my friends who have had "professional" fits are highly motivated individuals whose gateway into serious cycling was the charity ride circuit. AIDS Lifecycle, MS, etc. They're a small sample of riders but it seems that everyone was fit conservatively, ie, 3cm of drop. I know fit can be an ongoing process but a few of these individuals have gone back for fits after riding a few years. Whether it's the same fitter or a prominent new person, the position doesn't change much. Maybe, an extra 10mm on the stem. What makes me skeptical is that a few of my friends are former elite athletes. Well, college baseball, minor leagues elite and they're really stuck on metrics. So they're convinced that they wont improve on the bike unless they work with coaches or professionals. And yet their position still looks awful but the Strava PRs add up. And that might be the point. It's so easy to ride pain free; add the validation of Strava to that and true improvement is an unreachable target.

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