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dorkweiner with a +17d stem

make no mistake I am sure I looked the part of the complete newb...but how could I not riding a bike too small?
I had no knowledge of road fit, my friends and I spent all our time windsurfing and mountain biking.

Ari is a bit professorial and distant, but many many folks like him. The part that bothers me is I was clearly newb and needed expertise, which I did not get. That probably cost me a few years riding the wrong fit...and this is the main point. none of us have the time to waste riding the wrong fit or a crappy bike.

How could I go out the door with a 54 and 100x +17d and a few years later be molded into this 56??
OD a.k.a. original dorkweiner
(laughing at myself for sure)

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