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I have never actually been fit by Ari, I just recommended him based on positive anecdotes from friends. Given Paul’s experience, though, I think I’ll stop recommending him.

Based on what you are looking for, but throwing away the SF-only caveat, I would recommend Chris Blease at Cycle Sports in Oakland and/or Andres Douzoglou at Beyond Aero in Berkeley.

Chris has literal decades of experience fitting people for custom bicycles, which means he can talk to you for a while about front end geometry, your preferences, and your numbers.

Andres is very diligent when it comes to making sure clients’ numbers align with stock geometries of bikes he sells. He doesn’t want you to look like a dorkweiner with a +17d stem (not that you did, Paul).

Both of these men also know that the idea of bike “fit” is generally over emphasized. Our bikes need to fit properly to prevent injury, and sometimes to prioritize power, but “fitting” is not the magic solution to not doing enough maintenance work with your core/stretching.

I’ve worked closely with both of these gentlemen, both professionally and personally. So take it all with a grain of whatever spice you choose.
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