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Thanks, all.

The new wheels are great, though I had a bit of a mishap with the rear wheel, apparently caused by a not-tight-enough QR and a bump in the road I failed to notice. No structural damage, luckily (seemingly). Just scraped some paint off the inside of the chainstay, and the black finish on the brake track is gone (it was bound to wear off eventually anyways). Good thing it happened on the non-drive side. Means I can keep taking glamour shots, like nothing happened.

Originally Posted by Dallez View Post

I'm glad this thread got bumped. I happened upon your Serotta in its original guise with campy and open pro wheels back in Feburary or March this year on flickr. It literally was the inspiration for my quest to find the same bike (check out my bartape as evidence).

Like you experienced, once I saw this bike and paint job I was instantly hooked. I did all the research I could browsing old catalog scans and realized that this paint scheme was pretty rare and only available in 1991 I believe as a stock scheme on the Colorado IIs (I've seen some custom Serottas with it). Low and behold one was on ebay at the time and it happened to be in my size. I didn't need this thing at all but I had to have it and I didn't know when the next one would be available. I bought it from the original owner who had it stored for most of the Aughts after riding it in the 90s. The amazing thing is I let it sit on ebay over a week because I initially only wanted the frame instead of the complete bike which came with a complete Mavic 8sp groupset including headset, stem, seatpost, and of course the iconic starfish crank. Eventually I caved and bought it complete. Now, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I kept it pretty much period correct but like you I did throw on a set of Reynolds Attack 32mm carbon wheels. I hate to steal your thunder but just thought I would add a (crappy) pic. Last thing to do is to change out the White Concor for a black one (can't believe how comfortable the saddle is) and get a set of King SS cages.

Awesome. Looks great with the current parts. A black Concor will definitely close it out nicely.

Congrats on the find! Enjoy it, as I have been mine.

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