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Originally Posted by oliver1850 View Post

Black Dog: I believe you are correct about the CII being introduced in 1989. I have a Bicycle Guide test of the Colorado in the July 1989 issue. Although the frame is referred to as a "Colorado" throughout the article, the box with specs for the bike and build is headed up with "Colorado II".

I've seen a couple of other Serotta factory repaints done on older bikes with the split cable stops of the CSI, but never one with added internal routing.
I would love to read that review. Is there any chance that you have a scan or pic of it?

My CII was repainted in 1997 (or just after; it has the 25th anniversary decal under the clear coat) and split stops were added. I am not the original owner. I am assuming that since it is a 1991 it must have had the top internal routing and was changed over due to corrosion issues. I am pretty sure that even on a custom, spilt stops were not an option in 1991.

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