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Originally Posted by pasadena View Post
because of ignorance.

Speed is the only factor that should be legislated.
If safety is the real concern, enforce the speed limit.
There currently is no speed limit on the Minuteman Bikeway where the accident occurred.

Originally Posted by pasadena View Post
It's a slippery slope of red tape and expense when personal responsibility and enforcement of current laws are being neglected. The answer is not to add more legislation.
But there needs to be some form or regulations to maintain order. Without them, what is the difference between an e-bike and a motorcycle? Should Harley-Davidson riders be allowed on bike paths? What if they promise to ride safely?

While it is true that there are (pedal) cyclists who can ride faster than the electric assist limit of e-bikes, the practical reality is that they are a small percentage of the riding public, and that they don't do it often. But e-bikes (particularly throttle e-bikes) can be regularly ridden by almost anyone at higher rates of speed than most pedal cyclists. I'm very certain that if e-bikes were allowed on the bike path, the average speeds of cyclists would go up, and the frequency of high-speed passing would increase.
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