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Originally Posted by racemanspiff View Post
New to the forum, but a vintage cyclist (53yrs young). I have a CSI that I am trying to determine what year it was built. The serial number is CC 59 1114, what is strange is that the top tube is long like 60.5-61cm ctc, the seat tube is 59cm ctc and the head tube is 176mm, it has a F1 carbon/Ti 1" threadless fork.

Unfortunately this bike just sits as it is just a little too large/long for me, it is for sale as a frame/fork/Chris King headset/Deda 100 cockpit. It was resprayed with Dupont Imron and is stunning in the sunlight.
Great looking CSI. Serotta was building at least 300/year, so I'd say yours was made in 1998. Might have been made in 1997 but no way to tell without the original paint (and anniversary decal). Standard geometry CSI would have CS prefix. Your CC designates custom geometry, so that explains the long top tube.

The 1998 catalog shows head tube mounted cable stops instead of the down tube shifter bosses. That may or may not indicate that your frame is a 1997. Since it's a custom, the buyer may have specified DT shifter bosses.

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