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I think both of them got popped because someone dropped a dime on them. If they truly did take samples from everyone before the race, the process is to usually dump the vast majority and hit a sampling of the main field and podium finishers. Interesting how they both got tagged here.

Both of them are Cat 5s, and his results have been far less than stellar. Hers, while in small fields, were much better and since this was the LAMBRA Championships, a podium might have triggered the test anyway. Before the results were amended by USAC, I think she had a 2nd in the RR and a 3rd in the Crit.

This in no way excuses her positive, but...
If it was for testosterone, her positive could have been contamination from the husband's usage. With creams and other topical applications, it's pretty easy for it to move from person to person. Read Andrew Tinlin's book, The Doper Next Door: My Strange and Scandalous Year on Performance-Enhancing Drugs for a take on amateur doping. He talks about cross-contamination affecting his wife and infant child. Yeah, just so you can pedal a bike faster in your fancy underwear.
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