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Measuring sit bones

I started this with an account of how I measured my ischial protuberosities, coming up with 105-108 mm. The other morning I met an avid cyclist and we talked for some time about my latest foray into metrics. When I mentioned the width of said sit bones he said, "Are you sure? Because I'm 140 mm." So I doubted my methodology and measurements again.

When I got home I noticed the lines on my office chair again. I bought it 14 months ago and became aware some time ago that the seat cushion has developed two distinct parallel lines, especially evident in the directional light of morning. I'm the only one who sits in that chair. On a whim I got out the meter stick: they're 110 mm apart, so my wet-cardboard methodology was correct. Next time i see that cyclist I can say, "Yes, I really am that thin!"
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