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Originally Posted by AngryScientist View Post
i regret that i was not able to join you folks, but things at home are just a little too crazy at the moment.

how did it go? it sure was a hot one!
It went well. Most folks opted to ride the shorter distance due mostly to the heat (31.5 miles, me included) except for 4 intrepid fat bikers who rode the original route (42miles) including the Bear Swamp loop. @A1A showed up (nice to meet you Mike). He ended up tacking on another 30-40 road miles by riding around Owasco lake after the gravel ride (beast.)

We had about 20 or so total (which was about right for me not charging or having insurance) much bigger and I may have to get organized to a level where I'm uncomfortable!

A few folks stuck around and enjoyed a hot summer lunch picnic.

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