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Originally Posted by uber View Post
I have Record and SR 11 on my road bikes. I don’t think they are as smooth as Record 10. My friends swear that 12 is a big big improvement over 11. To be honest, I’m fine with 11 too. They are all great.
Agree, one thing about 11 speed is its compatible across all manufacturers! On my Madone, I'm running Sram etap 11 drivetrain with Campy Proton wheels/Chorus 12-29 11 speed cassette and it shifts flawless.

So the question that nobody seems to be able to answer is whether 12 speed has this same compatibility? Since Shimano doesn't have 12 speed for road yet, is Campy 12 compatible with Sram axs etap 12? It appears the Sram axs chain works on Campy 12 drivetrain. Can one use Sram axs drivetrain with Campy 12 cassette/wheel?

I know, Good Luck!
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