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Originally Posted by Stealth View Post
I just checked out the No. 22 site. They look pretty sweet. Do you know anybody who actually has one and how do they like it?
I have a No22 Reactor built up with SRAM red (Build Thread) and absolutely love it. The ride is sublime and the bike is just explosive under power. Scott at No22 told me the design goal for the bike was to deliver a smooth, planted Ti type of ride with the same acceleration/under power feeling as a carbon super bike. I'd say they delivered on that... That said, if you love your Ottrott, start the conversation with the guys at No22 and they'll be able to build you a bike that you love. A lot of what they do is an evolution of the thinking and ideas that went into making the Pronto and Legend at Serotta

Another option (which I have a bike from in my stable) would be to go steel with a Fabrica Strada (fabrica). I have a Strada SL (the race bike, Build Thread) and think it's a blast, smooth and snappy. I have a friend who added a Strada as a second bike to pair with his Ottrott and he absolutely loves it. Definitely a smooth all day bike like the Ottrott, but it still has a get up and go under power. Fabrica is a newer outfit from Milan, who are doing some great brazed bikes and working with Columbus on their own tube sets to pair with some awsome industrial designs for seat clamps, binders, and head tubes.
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