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Posts: 2,724 makes some sense that unlocked phones are still priced higher. I recall about 1.5 years back when I was scouting for unlocked phones, I realised that the iphone 3 and previous iterations were relatively easy to jailbreak/unlock. However iphone 3GS onwards, the process to jailbreak was made slightly more involved. I have no idea how much more complicated, but I have it on credible sources that it needed some rough-handed work like cutting the SIM card to an apt size, etc in addition to the software manipulations. This did go some way to dissuade the non tech-savvy, imprecise, free-loaders who were charging money to run a free software on a lazy customer's phone, and hence the increased price of an unlocked iphone 3GS onwards.

On a related note about data protection on the iphone, only yesterday I came across information from an industry expert that the iphone (definitely 5) is the only phone on the market to be using ECC to maintain the privacy of the file system. This in essence implies that all the information on your iphone can be immediately destroyed by destroying just 200 bytes of information i.e. your ECC key, which I presume can only be accessed via a software functionality since ECC in itself is an arcane mathematical crypto implementation which no end-user needs to know in detail. The easiest way to identify which iphone models are capable of this feature is to perhaps do a search of iphone+ECC, etc. Hope this helps.

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That's what I was looking for. I did some checking and this doesn't seem THAT out of line for one that's unlocked. The unlocked ones seem to go for a LOT more, which also doesn't make much sense since there are so many people who can unlock them at low prices.

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